Angus Pup

My name is Angus, the proudly collared pup to noodlesandbeef, my Master. He is my world and I couldn't be happier than to be his pup.

I'll be posting pics from my life and journey to muscle-bull-hood. Currently 280lbs, bulking to 300lbs, maybe more.

Recent Posts

Hey there. I was just curious, what made you want to get your nipple piercings and tattoos? I think they all look great, especially the bull, but is there any meaning behind any of them? I know about you getting Master's brand, but I was just wondering if there was any significance to the other ones you have.

I got the nipple piercings because my nipple have always been sensitive and somewhat wired and thought they might get even more with them, they actually stayed the same but I love them getting played with and being pulled from the rings.

The tattoos on my left (heart) side are quetzalcoatl and other Aztec Gods and the one on my right side is a variation of the Mexican eagle and snake. I’ve been living outside of Mexico for about 8 years so the longer it passes the more I get to appreciate the beauty of Mexico and it’s culture so I like looking at them and thinking of my family, country and culture.
The origami bull on the right side of my trunk I got because my goal is to be a big strong bull which is what in the gay community big muscular hairy guys are known as. I think I would like to get a dog on the other side to represent the pup in me but I will wait for that a couple of years to gather the courage because getting my trunk tattooed was awfully painful.